DVD Extras

1. A 16 minute extended scene – the full-length, uncut and slightly surreal meeting between a Czech Border official and the caravan.

2. The Caravan/Prague trailer.

3. Quebec: At the Wall – A 12 minute short film about the 2001 Quebec City FTAA protests (more info and stills).

4.  A DVD-Rom feature containing:

Material from the Caravan – flyers, map, itinerary

Material from the Prague Protests – flyers, 20 page activist guide, legal guide, map

The following articles about economic globalization –

from the International Forum on Globalization:
"Introduction" to Does Globalization Help the Poor by Jerry Mander, Debi Barker, and David Korten
 "The New Economy" and "The 'Evolution' of the WTO" from Invisible Government by Jerry Mander and Debi Barker

from Jubilee USA:
"Introduction to the Debt Crisis," "Structural Adjustment Programs," and "Odious Debt"

from 50 Years is Enough:
"Big Words," "So... What IS the IMF?" "Never Give a Think Tank Too Much Power," and "What is the World Bank?" from The Grassroots Guide to the IMF and World Bank

from the Bank Information Center:
"The Drive to Privatize" by Nancy Alexander and Tim Kessler.

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